Plastic Surgery for Men Questions

Why Do So Few Surgeons Work in an Actual Hospital As Opposed to Their Private Surgery Centers?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Am I wrong in wanting to be operated on in a hospital, even though these surgery centers are accredited? It just seems safter.

A:  Almost every board-certified plastic surgeon you will meet operates in at least one hospital.  Having hospital privileges is a requirement for most accrediting organizations.  There are several reasons why so many of us and our patients prefer surgery centers.  First and foremost is patient safety.  I run my own AAAASF-accredited surgery center which allows me to hand-pick the best nurses, anesthetists and other staff to help me take great care of you.  I have no control over who is working in the hospital.  Most surgery centers also have MUCH lower infection rates than hospitals.  The second benefit is cost.  Hospitals are expensive to run and that cost is passed on to you.  I have no influence on the anesthesia and facility fees that they will charge my patients.  I am much better able to control costs in my own center and I pass that savings on to you.  Additionally, I am able to offer better service in my own operating room than I am at a hospital.  I offer a variety of surgical dates and times and my staff is particularly attuned to your needs.  It’s equivalent to the service difference you would notice when comparing a fast food chain to a sit down meal at a family owned restaurant.

In Case Some Form of Skin Excision is Required. How Many Different Techniques Are There?

posted by ajimerson

Q: In case some form of skin excision is required. How many different techniques on how to excise the skin is there?. If skin excision = will have a scar. What are the different excision option. If Liposuction alone may result in more skin redundancy?

Male gynecomastia

A: It is difficult to tell right now if you will need skin excision.  When evaluating a male patient for breast reduction, I first determine if there is actual breast tissue or simply fatty tissue under the nipple.  If it is just fatty tissue, I would recommend liposuction alone and then waiting to see how much the skin will contract by itself over the next 3-6 months.  If there is a significant amount of breast tissue, I would recommend a semicircular incision above the nipple areola complex to allow removal of the breast tissue.  I would still not recommend performing a skin excision at the same time because that would require a more extensive scar.  I would again recommend waiting 3-6 months to see how much the skin contracts.  Even if the skin does not shrink completely, postponing the skin excision allows your surgeon to make a smaller scar.